Friday, January 27, 2012


Stutter Records; 2000

Shit-disturbin' garage-punkandroll From Toronto, Kanadia, that hits me like a mix of Bad Brains, Pavement, and the MC5. This ep is another of my personal favourites, just try turning this up loud first thing on a tuesday morning and see how that feels. Bet it feels alright in fact. Does it feel alright?
They put out a full-length, 'City Sick' two years after this and the 'Squid' lp in 2009. If you like this good luck finding it as their last record was pressed in a limited run of 500.

Nasty On - Lester Bangs


Wild Thing said...

Can't thank you enough for it! \m/

toposheet said...

oh dude, this is so fucking hot.

but this band actually hailed from Vancouver (or Vansterdam for those hippy types).

Great live show and and this is the best of the three releases, bar none.

a buddy grabbed me a copy of `squid`not that long from Zulu Records...good to try there.

iamtheleastmachiavellian said...

can i get a re-up?

Gray said...

Doubtful on that re-up, as I don't have the record and the original poster is most certainly deceased.

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