Wednesday, January 4, 2012

mondo generator - cocaine rodeo

released 2000

"cocaine rodeo?! sold!"

and for those of you that weren't sold on the words "cocaine" and "rodeo"...the following are some selling points:

this was a side project of then queens of the stone age bassist nick oliveri (which in turn became his full time gig after getting booted out of the band back in 2004)

the back-up band on this album consisted of members of karma to burn (drummer rob oswald)...masters of reality (vocalist/guitarist chris goss)...kyuss (drummer brant bjork)...queens of the stone age (vocalist/guitarist josh homme)


still not sold?

you know what?

just go

how did you even get in here?

someone's getting fired

DL: cocaine rodeo


Gray said...

This record slays all over the place, and contains the definitive versions of the Nick Oliveri songs that would eventually be re-recorded by Queens Of The Stone Age. This record also makes it painfully obvious that Nick Oliveri has some good ideas but is in dire need of an editor, the Josh Homme guiding touch is what makes this record so incredible. Josh Homme once said about Nick, "Nick will walk in holding out his hands and say 'look, a pile of shit', and I will tell him, 'no Nick, that's gold', and othertimes he walks in and says 'look I found gold', and I have to tell him, 'no Nick, that's shit'".
As much as I love crazy ass Nick Oliveri, he has suffered greatly since his forced exit from Queens Of The Stone Age.

Wild Thing said...

the best record Mondo Generator put out! and the proof that QOTSA needed (and still need! fucking hell!) the crazyness of Nick to made better songs...

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