Thursday, January 19, 2012


The mighty Jack O'Nuts.

I've most of their records save for two singles. I fucking love this band. This isn't my rip, but hey, just spraying it around the way I am... eventually, I'll get mah rekkids ripped to lossless and share some of that piss and vinegar too.

Anyway. I fucking love this band. You get three songs here, and no, none of 'em are called Piss Land. Here we get 'Terminating the Elder', a minute and a half long instrumental bit that reminds me of some of my favourite things about Sonic Youth, but better here.
'History of Eater' is a short and much faster! punk rock song that conjures up for me the sound of fugazi at their most furious crossed with classic Flipper.. you probably have no idea what I mean when I say that...
The b-side is a cover of Algebra Suicide's 'True Romance at the World's Fair' sung by Brux Carter, no relation to thee Laura on the a-side. It's almost as beautiful as the original.

Great friggin' record.

Jack O'Nuts - Piss Land

And, more Jack O'Nuts here.

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