Monday, January 30, 2012



Beloved and missed San Francisco punk rock.

Fun and hooky, smart and catchy, weird and wonderful. With incredibly deft lyrics, Bill Stevenson inflected drumming, and riffs that recall some of the best things about 90's punk rock, probably 'cause Hickey were one of the best things about 90's punk rock, this is one of those things we'd all be better off for with it embedded in our brains.

If you don't already know this, then this oughta be a great place to get a start on doing so.

Hickey - Self-Titled


Justin said...

Yes! I love Hickey! Thanks for posting!

Gray said...

All Hail Hickey!
They played my house in Athens at the first show we ever booked, and ended up staying...seemed like a long time. But, they did teach me how to make a mean Ramen noodle stew sorta thing. Delicious! They also showed that you can fuck around with people's preconceived notions of what punk and hardcore should be, and come out the other end a far more entertaining and interesting band.

Also, historical sidenote: I think I reviewed this for Heartattack fanzine and was made fun of by Kent McClard for liking the awesome epic jam on this one.

Anonymous said...

i "think" i saw this band in columbia, sc. did they do some weird shit with small trampolines? it was a great show, whoever that way. thanks for the post.

James Joyce said...

When I saw Hickey at the Somber Reptile, they completely antagonized the college/high school crowd with with rants about the "smarty pants kids with your textbooks and rich parents paying for their school", etc. and were seriously pissing the crowd off. It was amazing.

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