Tuesday, January 17, 2012

chum - dead to the world

released 1996

(i was recently patrolling the halls of SGM and had seen that the link for this was dead...so this is me fixing that problem)

i had originally come to find out about these fellas via their cover of prince's "darling nikki" on some random sampler that had come with some random magazine

and then of course i had to order the album through the local music store (and once again get strange looks for ordering something with a strange name)

and then i had it disappear out of my apartment after owning it for about a month

you know how it goes

this was the bands only album...they split up shortly after (but i'd recently read somewhere that they'd gotten back together)

so if you like the clutch...the karma to burn...the helmet...the alice in chains...you can like the chum

DL: dead to the world

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