Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boilermaker - Boilermaker 7"

Label: Wrenched
Year: 1993

Boilermaker's second 7" release, and probably most noteworthy because Rob Crow played some guitar on it. Quite possibly the name Rob Crow doesn't ring a bell, and that's fine, no big whup, but I bet if you look him up on the Google Machine, you'll realize, "oh yeah...that guy".
Musically this is Boilermaker before they got their sound dialed in, and before the big catchy songs and arresting vocals. If you're a fan of the band then you will most likely enjoy it (duh, right? I mean, I even felt like a retard as I was typing that, because by default a fan of the band...well...you get it), but if you're trying to "get into" Boilermaker in chronological order you might want to rethink that approach and go to the albums first, then find your way back here.


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Unknown said...

All these Boilermaker posts make me want for some rare No Knife... if such a thing exists.

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