Wednesday, January 25, 2012

antimony - phantom itch

released 1995

do you like the band circus lupus?

have you ever found yourself thinking "you know...i wonder what they'd sound like without the vocalist"?

they'd sound like this

after the band split up...the rhythm section went onto form this one-off band (this is their only album)

vocalist chris thomson went onto eventually form the band monorchid with guitarist chris hamley

so if you're a fan of anything mid-90s dischord records...this be for you

also...if you'd ever wondered what it would've sounded like if holy roller's vocalist marc lambiotte had fronted the jesus lizard....

DL: phantom itch

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James Joyce said...

The deeper parts of my record collection seem to be getting featured at the moment. Their single is also great, from before their LP and more raw than what came later.

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