Saturday, December 17, 2011

v/a - a texas trip

released 1987

you like the butthole surfers,yeah?

and you trust their judgement,yeah?

this was a little something they put together for your enjoyment

now take it and say "thank you"

come on now...don't be're wearing gloves and there's hand sanitizer on the table

go on...take it

you're hurting uncle butthole surfer's feelings

remember what happened the last time uncle butthole surfer had it's feelings hurt?

and remember that we had grandma off to in the country...

there you go

1 - steve fitch - in the neighborhood
2 - daniel johnston - don't play cards with satan
3 - stickmen with rayguns - gravecity
4 - butthole surfers - all day
5 - stickmen with rayguns - kill the innocent
6 - daniel johnston - grievances
7 - butthole surfers - flame grape

DL: a texas trip


Oughta Krawl said...


Anonymous said...

this is the only release in vinyl of the amazing STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS,I have the CD,ultra-noise-punk,god bless the man that put it out in CD,good work,R.I.P. BOBBY SOXX killer rock!!!

Anonymous said...

any chance for a re-up?

Nils said...

Yeah, please reupload this one!!!

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