Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2010, Meteor City

Stephen LoVerme and Ryan Berry are Olde Growth, shit-kicking blues-trash space-junk (hyphenate much) bass and drums power duo hailing from Boston, Mass. and they fuckin' bring the noise on this record more succinctly than many similar bands who attempting the same thing fail to do so with more than twice the input; goes to show that slogans like "less is more" and "keep it simple, stupid" are talking more than mere bullshit.

Here if you want to listen for it you can hear Elephant Riders era Clutch, the MC5 and their sheer grooviness, the slab and thickness of Black Sabbath's backbone, you can hear a similar sorto' art/metal/punkrawk damage that ya can find in the likes of Black Congress, you can hear a tripiness not far from the same neighbourhood of the likes of psych/metallers Naam, you can hear all kinds of things, man.

Fact is, they do what they do as a great band in the tradition of bands that do what they do greatly, but holy fuck are they great. And I'm saying I've got dibs on that new vinyl.

Fact is, they have new material fixin' to be released, and records have been pressed!
Listen to this, their self-titled release from 2010, and look forward to what they're just getting started on.

Check out their webpage right here; they're getting their shit together for a winter tour so if you live in any of those cities, do yourself a favour and get off your ass and go see this band. If you liek music at all you'll thank yourself.


Jan 2 - New Haven, CT @ The Cookie Jar (Ask for address) w/ Edhochuli (PA), Worn Out Tiger (PA) + World’s Strongest Man (FL)

Jan 3 - Providence, RI @ AS220, 115 Empire St
w/ Thrillhouse, Mout + Mouth of Flowers

Jan 5 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Archeron, 57 Waterbury St.
w/ Lost Coves


Jan 7 - Montclaire, NJ @ The Meatlocker, 8 Park St.
w/ Lorba Linda, Stone Titan, Gowl + more

Jan 8 - House Party, Philadelphia, PA Ask for address
w/ Bubonic Bear + more

Jan 9 - Washington, DC @ Hole in the Sky, 2110 5th St. NE
w/ Ilsa + more

Jan 10 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter, 929 West Grace Street
w/ Tungs + Digging up Virgins

Jan 11 - Charlotte, NC @ Lunchbox Records, 1419-A Central Avenue
w/ DADS + Towering Pyre 8pm

Jan 12 - Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn, 736 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast
w/ Beeravore + Sadistic Ritual

Jan 13 - Orlando FL @ Will’s Pub, 1040 North Mills Ave
w/ Druid Lord, Putrescent Secretancy + Sterile Prophet

Jan 14 - Athens, GA @ Go Bar w/ Wereelk + The Fuzzlers

Jan 16 - TBA, Pittsburgh, PA

Olde Growth - Self Titled, 2010

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