Monday, December 19, 2011


Special Lord Records, CDr 2004

I found out today that this band broke up almost three months ago.

Sad thing; they were great.

Articulate noise rock that still conveys to me a sort of child-like naiveté and a monstrous understanding; here, the sound Itself knows what It's saying and knows how It's saying it, and combines cacophony and melody, the Crack and Pop of it all, a drummer who sounds like he knows how to be his own tech and an intricate level of instrumental and vocal interplay, all along with a clarinetist and flautist who've mic'd their works through enough effects pedals to sound like the ultimate minimalist industrial cabaret band so as to convey actual songs about the psychological divide between the human being and it's experience.. our sense of entitlement... why we seem to think what we seem to think, you know, all that heavy shit man. All dat and much more.

The trio, comprised of Paul Costuros, Chris Dixon, and Kim West were from San Francisco, and forming in 2004 called it done over the summer. They put out a lot of material. They're all in some other really great bands. And this record is still awesome, which is awesome, if you like or are into awesome, that is.

Death Sentence: PANDA! - Puppy Kitty or Both

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