Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2004, Sub Pop

The Catheters are one of my all-time favourite bands, residing in the same area for me as Mount Shasta, rankin' pretty high up on that non-existent list of mine, and I don't wanna go on at the mouth too much about them, and I just wanna share the love, and this is their last record, which is full of piss, vinegar, the imaginary sound of the Rolling Stones, the Blues Explosion, Scratch Acid and the Cramps combined and makin' babies, and more piss, so much piss, but really, yet again, they really were a band that sounded the way they did, despite whatever reference points I wanna superimpose over them with my narrow world view.

So, fuck that. And enjoy.

the Catheters - The Howling... It Grows and Grows!

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BeSound said...

can you repost this and anything else you may have by the catheters? if so, thanx in advance :)

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