Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ted ed fred - 1.23.88 - community world theater - tacoma,wa

this was some band from washington state

you remember that state,right?

that whole grunge thing and whatnot

this was one of those random bands that got all popular because of it

i don't really know much else about them

some guy named kurt did vocals and played guitar

some guy named krist played the bass

some guy named dale played the drums

i wonder what became of them

1 - if you must
2 - downer
3 - floyd the barber
4 - paper cuts
5 - spank thru
6 - hairspray queen intro/aero zeppelin
7 - beeswax
8 - mexican seafood
9 - pen cap chew
10 - anorexorcist
11 - hairspray queen
12 - raunchola/moby dick*

*=it's not so much a led zeppelin cover than it is a jam

DL: ted ed fred @community world theater


vilantobe said...
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vilantobe said...

It's very interesting to hear with great pleasure that music, I've heard many times, written in the period before the big popularity. Great team. Despite the recording quality is listen that the liveshow was awesome.

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