Friday, November 11, 2011

spite - bastard complex

released 1999

i know what you're thinking...yes...this has already been posted here before

but i've been listening to this quite a bit i decided to re-post it


because i can

is that ok with you?


at one time these folks were considered one of alternative press' 100 bands to keep your eye on

and then they were gone (turns out that their guitar player had passed away)

these fine folks from charlotte,nc cranked out something that would've taken shape had unsane/kittens/helmet/the jesus lizard combined forces

they had released an album before this called HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM...but my search for said album has been if anyone out there has it...let me know and i'll make you something in shop class

one word to describe this band: annihilism (and i realize that's not a word...yet)

DL: bastard complex


Dangerbird said...

I have Heavy Whipping Cream. where should i upload a rip?

ipecac said...

mediafire it up,sir

and then send a link to the email

G_G said...

Oh god yes, please upload that shit!

Anonymous said...

Totally forgot about this band. I saw Soulfly last night and made me think of all the bands I was into at 19/20. Haven't listened to it in about as long, but I will say listening to it right now, it stands the test of time . I purchased this album at Metal Haven in Chicago after reading their interview in Alt Press. I thought this album and group were so hard.

Just randomly came across your blog, and actually you follow my friend's blog Harsh Distraction. World just became a smaller place.

ChrisFamous said...

The guitarist "LiveFast" Dan Young was my brother. He pissed on Aug 1st, 1999' thanks for keeping his music alive. -Chris "Famous" Young

ChrisFamous said...

*passed. Lol. So perfect

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