Wednesday, November 9, 2011

masters of reality - sunrise on the sufferbus

released 1992

do you like kyuss?

do you like queens of the stone age?

do you like cream? (the band's drummer played on this album)

do you like zz top?

"ipecac...what the hell are you talking about?...are you just making up names for bands?...where's the melvins and the jesus lizard?...are you on the dope?"

what i need for you to do is just mellow out,bro

give this a chance

just go on ahead and pop this into your car stereo and take a ride out in the country

and you know what...i'll just come along with you...i like the country

and if you're not willing to give this a try...i'm going to do things to you in front of your friends ala joshua homme

"who's that?"

just never you mind

get in the car

we should stop for some ice cream as well

i'm thinking rocky road

DL: sunrise on the sufferbus


Czar Nicholas said...

Oh hell yes. I haven't hear this album in years. My pops used to play this when I was younger, so it holds a special place in my heart. Thanks a metric fuck-ton!

Steal My Wrath said...

You rock!

Berrado said...

Other than the opening track I don't think this record is so hot, despite having Ginger Baker on drums, but Deep in The Hole is a MoR album that delivers.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice record but a real drop off from their first, even with Ginger Baker lecturing us yanks about teamaking. Can you post the first MoR so the kids can get some perspective?

toposheet said...

While this record was a bit of a let down when it first came out (like others have said, despite the Ginger Baker addition), it has aged well. The first record (Def American edition and not the Delicious Vinyl) was such a shining star that everything paled in comparison...and still does, most days.

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