Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freemasonry - Sparrin' With The Varmit

Label: Sky
Year: 1995

All that talk about TurnDownService not so long ago, got me on a Freemasonry kick, with this album in particular. In our little incestuous circle of Atlanta punk/hardcore, the fact that Freemasonry put out an album on what was essentially a "major" label was a big (if not retarded) deal. Did that mean Freemasonry couldn't play all ages shows anymore? Would they no longer be allowed in the basement of the Driver Dome? Could they as a band have cared less?
For you though, the people who are saying, "what the fuck is a 'Driver Dome'?", then this record might just be the most pleasant surprise you have all day. Imagine a cocktail of Drive Like Jehu/Jawbox/Fuel, and you would be pretty right on. It's a more melodic take on the mathy post-hardcore of the middle 1990's. It's an essential document of a band that came and went but had a big impact on those who happened to catch them in the act.
For a (much) more detailed essay on the band, root around Beyond Failure, starting here.


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