Friday, October 21, 2011

v/a - 1995: alternative nation

released 1995

this was a little something the promoters for a festival in australia called ALTERNATIVE NATION put together

they fashioned it after LOLLAPALOOZA (remember when that was worth going to?) and the READING FESTIVAL

1 - faith no more - get out*
2 - pop will eat itself - ich bin ein auslander
3 - peyote - bean curst
4 - supergroove - you freak me
5 - the flaming lips - super humans
6 - the tea party - sun going down
7 - ween - can't put my finger on it
8 - violent femmes - life is an adventure
9 - lou reed - warrior king
10 - nitocris - hemorrhaging souls
11 - def efx - running from shadows
12 - chalk - elephant gun
13 - primus - those damned blue collar tweekers
14 - andy prieboy - how would i know love now
15 - horsehead - oil and water
16 - L7 - freak magnet
17 - downtime - downtime
18 - body count - born dead

*=labeled as "the gentle art of making enemies" on the album...tsk tsk

DL: 1995: alternative nation


Anonymous said...

Alt. Nation was largely an attempt at some major promoter's trying to bring down the Lees & West success of Big Day Out.

Needless to say, they failed. The 2 main drawcards (Chip Peppers and Stine Temple Pilots) withdrew, only to be replaced by Lou (fucking!) Reed. Local acts were situated away from the main area, and it pissed down like motherfucker. Alt. Nation was dead in the water. The indie's had triumphed!

Of course, nowadays the Big Day Out is a parody of itself, and little more than a boganfest. Undoing all their good work in previous years.

Anonymous said...

*edit* Chilli Peppers and Stone Temple Pilots

bisextile said...

Cheap Peppers and Stink Pilots

Anonymous said...

What's a boganfest? A bongfest?

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