Tuesday, October 11, 2011

spazz/gob split 5"

released 1997

i've been thinking of a way to introduce SGM to some spazz...and i didn't quite know how to do it

but with all of the G-0-(insert rest of band name here) talking going on in the last few posts...what better time to make the introduction

folks...some of you may or may not know of a genre called "powerviolence"

now what powerviolence does is completely destroy shit in a matter of a few seconds

for example: take anything put out by bands like unsane or kittens or deadguy or today is the day...and compress it into a time frame that's a little over a minute long (and that's even kind of stretching it out a bit)

and viola! powerviolence.

and that brings us to gob (not to be confused with some shitty pop punk band from canada)

though not as powerviolence-y as spazz (grAy described them as "they sound like noise rock fans playing fast hardcore and warping it out of shape")...they still have what it takes,maaaaan

and if you'd like to give one of the band's albums a try...go down yonder

you get 6 from spazz
you get 1 from gob

DL: spazz/gob split

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