Tuesday, October 18, 2011

primate - draw back a stump

released 2011

this is what happens when some members of some bands that some of you around SGMville may or may not be familiar with

bands with names like: brutal truth..mastodon..the despised..the bloody sods (admittedly...i hadn't previously heard of the last 2 before this)

if you're familiar with frontman kevin sharp's other band (venomous concept)...then you know what you're going to get into with this business

some punk

some hardcore

you even get a black flag cover ("drinking and driving")

that just about sums it all up

DL: draw back a stump


Angry Robot said...

Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

i would call brutal truth "kevin sharp's other band."

BenB said...

Could you please re-up this?

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