Monday, October 10, 2011

pink city - designing women

released 2011

while listening to the first few moments of this may find yourself thinking "when did unsane and halo of flies do something together?"

and then you may find yourself thinking "you know...the swans are a pretty decent band"

and then you may find yourself thinking "you know...this totally reminds me of an album...i can't remember what it's called...i can see the cover in my head...the name of the band is right there...dammit!...i hate when this happens!...ah!...another nosebleed!" (i'll help you're welcome)

and now...i'll throw out a few other things that come to mind whilst listening to this:

joy division
killing joke
the experimental side of the melvins

so...with what you know should be listening to this in about 2 minutes

and then you should go here

DL: designing women


Rusty said...

Distorted Pony!

Anonymous said...

Totally DP, 's why I bought it from Bandcamp, want these cats doing more!

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