Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lincoln - Lincoln 7"

Label: Watermark
Year: 1992

At the risk of turning this into a 90's hardcore blog, I did feel the need to pile on (dog pile?) to the previous Sparkmarker post. Lincoln were not as outwardly "Quicksand-y" as Sparkmarker, but the post hardcore dynamics that Quicksand lifted from Helmet, begain seeping into everybody's 7" (gross). Lincoln being no exception (at this point; later they would become far more influenced by the Art Monk Construction scene that they became a part of).
Also of note, Lincoln loved that name so much, they named their band, and both of their 7" eps the same thing. How very, Drunks With Guns of them.
As with most good early 90's hardcore bands, these guys would pop up in numerous other outfits: Glendale, One, Junction, Juro, Justin Robert, The Most Secret Method, and others I'm sure to be forgetting.
This post is dedicated to Proven Hollow.


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proven hollow said...

awww shucks thanks.
this is an excellent 7". before they went all thrift store greaser. and i think there was also a "chick in the band" at this point. i think i got this record and a flagman record on the same day. same label? i remember the label being "weird" in some way, but i am too bored to care to look it up. also, there is no need to post flagman, ha,

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