Tuesday, September 27, 2011

slowworm - torso/march of the insects 7"

released 1992

i don't really know all that much about the band (but i'm sure atlanta-phile grAy may be able to fill us in a little..no...not like that...well...maybe like that)

apparently they were from atlanta,ga and were "heavy and sludgy" (or so the internet told me)

i can definitely agree with the latter statement

i had originally posted this over on colostomy grab-bag (remember that blog?...good times...the last i'd heard it was somewhere in canada and it had opened a midget only spa)...and had forgotten about it until i was going though some crap earlier

think fudge tunnel and unsane and neurosis and early melvins and godheadsilo

but don't think about it too much...it may cause a nosebleed

so now...it's here for you all to enjoy

DL: torso/march of the insects 7"

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Anonymous said...

this stuff rules

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