Thursday, September 15, 2011

penthouse - gutter erotica

released 1998

take equal parts of the jesus lizard and the jon spencer blues explosion and shake it all up

and then this happens

trivia: the band were originally from london,england...and in order to get the album released in america...they had to change the band's name and the album's title...apparently there's some magazine called penthouse and the creator of said magazine was all like " am penthouse...and penthouse is me...and i deal in gutter erotica...i am gutter feed me another grape,dolt...and make sure it's the right one...or so help me there will be no airbrushing!"

but i digress...

the band had to be called 50 tons of black terror
the album had to be called DEMETER

DL: gutter erotica


Wild Thing said...

Definitely a great album, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

please repost ! Greetings frum Moguntia

Anonymous said...

Broken link. a repost would be awesome!

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