Monday, August 29, 2011

Pines Of Nowhere - Pines Of Nowhere

Label: Slowdime
Year: 2000

Remember the old hardcore band Dead Image? Yeah, that's ok, most people probably don't either, but they were pretty good. Good enough that "ex-Dead Image" actually registered with me on some level. So Chris Turco of Dead Image, and later Oswego, had this brief band going from around 1999 to about 2002, and they played something not far off of what Dischord was releasing at that time, i.e herky-jerky rhythms (not far removed from their Minutemen via Gang Of Four influences) with shouty vocals, and a hint of late 80's Revolution Summer style proto-emo.
There's also a member of Trans Am all mixed up in here. You know, for all the Trans Am-heads out there.
When they play it straight, this band really clicks and unleashes some potent jams. Good shit.



Rusty said...

How did I not know about these guys before this? Excellent.

Hungry Native said...

Love OPines of Nowhere

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