Wednesday, August 31, 2011

deverova chyba - club 59

released 2006

so there i was...just randomly hopping from video to video on the youtube the other night...and this band kept showing up...i'd never heard of them i figured i'd give their video a click

and 4 plays later...i was hooked

this is a threesome from the czech republic

they play something that will appeal to fans of bands like: the jesus lizard...shellac...nomeansno

and they do it while using only 2 basses and some drums

and not to're not having a stroke...the vocals are in their native czech tongue


DL: club 59

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adamek said...

Hell yes, seen these guys live quite a few times, and their music definitely had huge varlata. Pleasantly surprised to see a band from my country here, too. There's much more good noise rock in CZ.

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