Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anodyne + Keelhaul - Split

Label: Chainsaw Safety
Year: 2002

Have you listened to that new Tombs record yet? You should.
So if you have, and you wanted to get a little deeper into the history of Tombs, you could certainly do worse than this two song offering from pre-Tombs Mike Hill band Anodyne. You'll get one full-on earth scorching destructo metal assault, and one disturbingly calm Throbbing Gristle cover. Yin and yang? Peanut butter and chocolate? Country and Western?
Side two is Keelhaul, being the best Keelhaul they can be, and then being an even better Keelhaul because they become Craw for a minute. Not that Keelhaul don't already have Craw DNA all over them (just...not in my eyes...please), but bringing in Joe McTighe to guest on vocals exhumes the Ghost of Craws Past, and gives this ole man goosebumps.
Raging upon raging.


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Bronson said...

far out. i didn't know the connection there.
we played with anodyne in cleveland and we all stayed at will scharf's place. they stayed in their van, so we barely met them. i mixed them at gabe's a year or so later.
anodyne was a lot noisier than the typical boston band of the time. more AmRep than Hydrahead if you will. also their drummer was so ambidextrous that it freaked us out ;-)

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