Sunday, June 5, 2011

V/A - Boston Hardcore 89-91

Label: Taang
Year: 1995

A couple weekends ago in New York City there was a the Black and Blue Bowl show with Gorilla Biscuits, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Absolution, and Maximum Penalty (what? No Outburst?) among others, and this weekend is the big Chaos in Tejas show with Youth Of Today, Cro-Mags and everyone else. So, I was about due for a "Second Wave Of Hardcore" listening-fest, and hearing about those shows was enough to get me going, and got me digging through my records to hear something fast and vaguely positive.
Enter, this compilation culling together the big dogs of the Boston version of the second wave of hardcore, and it will do the job if you're looking for something to take off your shirt and couch mosh to. If only Slapshot had been included...

Wrecking Crew - you like Agnostic Front? Yeah, them too.
Crossface - Leeway mixed with...something
Said And Done - Remember the NYHC Where The Wild Things Are compilation? This would have fit well on that.
Backbone - Speaking of Outburst
Sam Black Church - way downtuned sludge to thrash with those weird Sam Black Church vocals
Maelstrom - metallic mosh that rules hard
Eye For An Eye - this band was sort of the Boston version of Burn on their 7", but this song is straight ahead hawdcore
Intent To Injure - in the tradition of old Boston hardcore....super fast and mean. Hail Negative F/X!
S.T.P. - mid tempo mosh fest, reminds me of the late, great, Line Drive mixed with Nuclear Assault
Suckerpunch - Sheer Terror styled minus the coffee grounds vocals mixed with more Outburst
Only Living Witness - Sick Of It All + Agnostic Front



HowlingKoala said...

A few requests motivated by this post: Eye for an Eye discography, anything by Daltonic, Get High, or Hatchetface - in otherwords bring on the Mass hardcore!

Anonymous said...

The link's broken... and also I second the "Get High" request!

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