Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Diesel - Morning Breath 7"

Label: Engine
Year: 1995

In the days of scouring every word of every liner note on every 7" ever released, the band name Sweet Diesel kept being mentioned, thanked or shouted out, or whatever, from most hardcore or heavy bands in the Northeast United States, yet they were mysterious, nobody I knew had ever heard them. There were never fliers in my town advertising the next Sweet Diesel matinee show. There were even pictures of dudes in bands wearing Sweet Diesel shirts with a Chain Of Strength logo...I mean, what? This had gone on long enough, I simply had to find something by the band to validate the near mythic status they were beginning to build up in my own fragile psyche.
So, there on Engine Records, home of the first Deadguy 7", and an offshoot of the once mighty Blackout! Records, was this Sweet Diesel 7" staring me down. This was it, the time had come to finally sample the fruits of her rich bosoms, could Sweet Diesel be as could as I was hoping them to be?
Well, yeah, sort of. I do like the swaggering rock bravado of Surgery. I enjoy the palm muted grit of Crawlpappy. I tend to like the thick post hardcore groove of Mind Of Matter. I really get excited over the fractured hardcore of Hammerhead. So, yeah, I guess they were pretty all right. Really alright.
Members went on to The Kill Van Kull, The Brought Low, The Monumentals, JJ Paradise Players Club, and Made Out Of Babies.



Anonymous said...

So amaing! thanks for posting this

Ben Diesel said...

Pretty good description of what we did. Thanks.

Carver said...

been stealing from here bunches and wanted to follow orders and say thanks, particularly for this.

TONA said...

Thank you. I had their album on a cassette that i fuckin lost... but pretty shure it was it was great.

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