Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heatmiser - Dead Air

Year: 1993

Steven Smith's band before becoming The Artist Known As Elliott Smith. Smith formed 'Heatmiser' while attending college in Amherst, MA, relocating himself and the band shortly after graduation. Shit's tight--for fans of Helmet, Seaweed, bowl-cuts, and the 90s.

Heatmiser - Dead Air



ipecac said...

i like all of those things

nonI said...

lovely Elliott

Chris Rawk said...

I was an impressionable teenager in early 90's Portland Or, and was quite fortunate to see Heatmiser do their thing at La Luna or the X-Ray many a times. A kick ass band and always a good time. Good god, where have all the years gone? Anyways, great post, and great site. Oh, my name is Chris from PDX, not annonawho. Thanks and peace and all that good shit.

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