Thursday, June 2, 2011

Caustic Resin - Body Love Body Hate

Label: C/Z
Year: 1993

The first Caustic Resin full length, and a truly unique beast. As a younger man I had a Jane's Addiction phase in high school, as young high school men are wont to do. I really was drawn into their mystical surfer schtick or whatever, and to this day I still really like those original records...mystical surfer vibes and all.
So fast forward to college and I distinctly remember that Caustic Resin was compared to Jane's Addiction by somebody, somewhere, I can't quite put my finger on where I heard that, but just because I don't know when or by whom I heard that information doesn't mean I'm lying. The point being, I thought that Jane's Addiction had been really good, so maybe this band that supposedly sounded like them would be good too, and thusly I searched out Caustic Resin.
My next fuzzy memory of my Caustic Resin journey was of me not really "getting it". They didn't sound like Jane's Addiction so much to my ears (although now, in retrospect, I can hear it. If Jane's Addiction had recorded for SST and were recorded by Spot), they sounded like some kind of 1970's version acid rock version of the Butthole Surfers (meaning more "rock" and less "acid" than the Butthole Surfers). I shelved the album and didn't really give it much thought until years later when I aquieced to give Built To Spill a chance, sorta liked them for a couple minutes, figured out the connection to Caustic Resin, and was all, "hey, I've got a Caustic Resin album around here somewhere".
As an older man, I can tell you that this is/was/and will be a great record. Doesn't matter your feelings on Jane's Addiction, or Built To Spill, or me. I think you'll like it.



Anonymous said...

did not know of this. I thought I had downloaded all their stuff.

that a sarcofago quote? doesn't matter your feelings! you'll be burned and died!!!

keeping up postings!

wrecks everything said...

Caustic Resin sound similar the the grunge outfit called Skinyard..check out the LP 'fist sized chunks'..

Anonymous said...

brilliant man, brilliant. excellent
that you put this out for the masses.
some guy in cali is actually still
selling c/z back catalog.

this album was high school for me.
i think i was a sawthmore when it came out.
more than their first full length, it was their first with vocals, the first recording of theirs that was not for the tumbleweeds...

its true what they say... i did beat up a kid for stealing one of those tumbleweed tapes...
they where crazy

the first time i saw them play they where late to the show, after they played their set we where shooting the shit, and the dudes where like "we where at a friends show..and we where hungry"

as far as the first two comments go:
if you dig this, know that it is NOT grunge, and sounds nothing like skinyard

Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs:

Three years after the N.Y. Times published the 'grunge culture' article in 1991, full of the fabrications of a secretary at SubPop, (look it up)
the singer of this great band (along with some friends) actually pulled an even bigger one on the magazine Rolling Stone.
Around 1994 when the Treepeople no longer existed and Built to Spill put out Ultimate Alternative Waivers, Rolling Stone set up an interview, with Doug Martsch- for a spread in the mag.
It was literally about to go to print when someone realized the magazine had interviewed and photographed the wrong guy.

Martsch had knowingly sent Netson, for kicks.

I don't know if absurdity is cool anymore.

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