Wednesday, May 11, 2011

v/a - kamikaze: music to push you over the edge

released 1995



i know...those are some pretty bold statements to make...but i wouldn't make that business up...all of that is plainly stated on the cover

i was wandering through goodwill the other day and was flipping through their music section...not really expecting to find usual...

but i came across this and a butthole surfers cd (ELECTRICLARRYLAND)

so of course i had to lay down the $1.00 and snag them up

i'm the only one around these parts that could give them a proper home

so...i figured that i'd share this with all of you

and besides...where else are you going to be able to see fudge tunnel and into another and kid rock together?

in hell...that's where

1 - inch - i'm the cat
2 - heatmiser - stray
3 - stanford prison experiment - super monkey
4 - fear is fatal - rescue me
5 - fudge tunnel - grey
6 - skatenigs - regret
7 - the pleasure elite - media feed
8 - wargasm - wasteland
9 - the beyond - sacred garden
10 - kid rock - i am the bullgod
11 - eleven - crash today
12 - into another - poison fingers

DL: kamikaze: music to send you over the edge


Anonymous said...

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Anus the Menace said...

I found Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, Zoroaster in the dollar bin but don't tell nobody.

pharmacy said...

hi, I just wanted to know if there is any way that I can subscribe to your blog and get notifications of your entries?

Nerkon said...

Hola. Muy buen material. Podrias resubir denuevo este disco. Saludos desde

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