Monday, April 11, 2011

Quicksand - Live 1995

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1995

Can anyone help identify where this recording comes from? I'm not even sure where I got it from, or how long I've had it, but there it was, and here it is.
In 1995 Quicksand released their second lp "Manic Compression", and played the inaugural Warped Tour (which was a strange amalgamation of the Revelation Records showcase vs. the nascent Orange County bro-punk jock rock contingent), so maybe this set was from a Warped Tour date? I saw them on that first Warped Tour (have I told this story before?), managing to scam about 15 free tickets from the college radio station I worked for saying I would give them away as prizes (to my friends). So me, and 14 friends took in the spectacle of Sublime fans being musically mocked by Sick Of It All, Into Another, Civ, Orange 9mm, Seaweed, Rancid (before they slipped to the dark side), and Quicksand. Weird scene indeed. At one point while administering some of my patented anti-moshing justice I got blindsided by a pro-mosher who then knelt over me in preparation to administer his own patented anti-anti-moshing justice when my knight in shining (neck) armor Jeff-J-Jawk came swooping in and tackled the broseph off of my chest, to the beat mind you, saving me from certain ass kicking. Like I said weird scene, I mean, why would anybody want to fight me, I'm super cool.



Anonymous said...

Jeff Jawk is a fuckin' DOUCHEBAG DELUXE.

Gray said...

Wait a minute, wait a goddamn minute there! You are not allowed to besmirch the good name of Jeff J Jawk on this blog, especially in an anonymous fashion! Jawk is held in high regards around these parts so I command you to either identify yourself and take credit for your accusations, or retract your statement all together and issue a formal apology to Mr. Jawk and the owners/operators of this website.

Wild Thing said...

Just discovered this blog and found this great post (love quicksand but discovered them too late to see them live, shame)! Thanks a lot for sharing so great music!

Anonymous said...

First Warped Tour was legitimately great. It was the first and only time I saw Quicksand, one band I'd love to see reunite for a tour. The Sublime thing was funny. I never loved nor hated them; they were always kind of just there to me. But I still wanted to check them out, and I remember clearly when Sublime took the main stage (They played before Quicksand, who appropriately headlined) they absolutely blew. In retrospect, as expected I guess. Then about 10 minutes into their set SOIA started playing and there was a mass exodus to watch them on the second stage. Weird scene indeed, as you say. Memory lane trip now over. Good shit as always. Thanks for the post.

proven hollow said...

i believe the high point of the masquerade warped tour was watching sergio smoke a doobie at the half pipe. SORRY GRAY, i know its mostly about you in the pit, but i forgot all about that shit. its ALL ABOUT SERGIO. and the dude from admiral who was like the sound guy for orange 9mm, that was pretty cool. but other than that, i was totally there with jawk to protect you.

generick_gimmick said...

I think I was standing behind the anti-moshing contingent that day. Strange wonderful show indeed. L7?

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