Sunday, April 24, 2011

pfisters - narcicity

released 2009

at first'll find yourself wondering "did bon scott and david yow have a baby?"

and then you'll find yourself wondering "but bon scott is dead! david yow a necrophiliac? he a time traveler?"

but then you realize that it's david yow...and he's capable of anything

the jesus lizard are all over this business

which means you need to be all over it as well

because the jesus lizard want to be all over you

it's always about what they want...isn't it?

damn right it is

DL: narcicity


TONA said...

Thank you!

glenn said...

It's for sale, too. As the drummer on this record I wholeheartedly ask you to purchase if you like it!
One of several places to buy it:

Nicolas Ken Ogawa said...

Please re-up this album for the love of anything

glenn said...

Nicolas, I can send you a record if you really want it!

Gabry said...

Could you make this available again please?

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