Thursday, April 21, 2011

nomeansno - 11.15.00 - fireside bowl - chicago,il

it's those crazy canucks doing what they do in front of a crowd

now...i don't know how many of you folks have ever attended a show at the fireside bowl...and depending on who you talk's the midewest's version of cbgb's

i've been to a few shows there...and they were all pleasant experiences...but then again...i didn't really have to deal with any of the staff (from what i've read...dealing with them is about as fun as getting a staph infection)

back in 2004...they stopped having shows there and just stuck to being it's namesake...but as of last year...the shows have resumed

1 - tuning
2 - the graveyard shift
3 - oh no! bruno!
4 - the day everything became nothing
5 - red on red
6 - this story must be told
7 - hello,goodbye
8 - the fall
9 - angel or devil
10 - dark ages
11 - under the sea
12 - sex mad
13 - i need you
14 - i can't stop talking
15 - humans
16 - the phone call
17 - two lips,two lungs and one tongue
18 - the rape
19 - it's catching up
20 - the tower
21 - commando*

*=ramones cover

DL: nomeansno @fireside bowl


Mr. The Whitenoise said...


Mike Kole said...

Thanks for posting this! Love 'Live & Cuddly', and with that one so ingrained in my head, it's fun to hear other live versions of some of those songs. Great live band!

yeoldstinkeye said...

Man I miss that place.

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