Tuesday, April 26, 2011

nirvana - 12.13.93 - pier 48 - seattle,wa

this was one of the band's final shows on american soil (the last one took place in oakland,ca on december 31)

you may remember seeing this on the mtv multiple times a day after kurt's suicide as this was the LIVE AND LOUD show they played on new year's eve (the breeders and cypress hill played as well)

i remember watching that night and seeing kurt decapitate an angel with his guitar and spit on a camera...and i remember thinking "kurt is the man,maaaan"

and then it was all over

i've said it before and i'll say it again...nirvana achieved a lot in a short amount of time

and you may be saying to yourself "ipecac? why was there nothing posted on the day of his death on SGM? don't you consider it part of your civic duty to commemorate such an occasion?"

and to that i say...if SGM did that...we would've just been like everyone else...do we seem like the kind of folks that try to fit in?...and really...it shouldn't take something like that to remember the man and the band...you should always remember that

go on...reach for the kleenex...i just dropped some pretty heavy science on you...it's ok

and now...without further ado...

1 - radio friendly unit shifter
2 - drain you
3 - breed
4 - serve the servants
5 - rape me
6 - sliver
7 - pennyroyal tea
8 - scentless apprentice
9 - all apologies
10 - heart-shaped box
11 - blew
12 - the man who sold the world*
13 - school
14 - come as you are
15 - lithium
16 - about a girl
17 - endless,nameless
18 - jam

*=david bowie cover

DL: nirvana @pier 48


RyGar said...

I was at the New Years show 93/94, but I didn't realize that it was the last show they played in America. It was really disappointing.

peskypesky said...

thank you. for this and so many other great postings. you're the maaaaan, man.

pharmacy reviews said...

Thanks for sharing it. I haven't listened their music and it sounds pretty good. I will give it a try.

Tashi said...

Actually the New Year's show in Oakland was not the last show on US soil, but it felt like it that night (I was there too).
According to Live Nirvana they played on:
01/07/94 Seattle Center Arena Seattle, WA, US Set Rec Tst
01/08/94 Seattle Center Arena
Audio and some video recordings exist. At Oakland, there was a countdown to "midnight" (staged after midnight I think)and led by the most somber and unenthusiastic person I have ever heard say happy new year, the late Kurdt Cobain. I knew he was f-d in the head at the Cow Palace show...it was in his eyes that he just didn't f-ing care about anything anymore, and was just biding his time for the band's sake and maybe for his wife and daughter's. I had and extra ticket and was on the phone at the Oakland BART payphone trying to recruit somebody to come...My line was "this may be the last time you see this guy--he's really on the edge." Nobody took me up on the offer, scalpers couldn't give tickets away and tore them up into confetti in frustration. I think the Chilli Peppers were also in Oakland doing a New Years bash. So, with the lack of interest from my friends, the "not sold out tonight" crowd, and the doomy countdown from Kurt (also he got on the drums and played like a retard mocking the drumkit instead of playing it), it was a somber night disguised as a new years rock concert. The show rocked for sure, Kurt never played bad show (even Rio had some decent moments). Just felt like the end, and for me it was the end my innocent understanding of Kurdt, and the introduction to what would be, and is still a long and difficult farewell. -R Mantei.

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