Sunday, April 17, 2011

jesuit - self-titled

released 1996

this post goes out to grAy

as you may have read a few spaces down...he was supposed to be seeing this very band doing a show with damnation a.d./indecision/unbroken in new york city

but as with all good plans...a large bird took a dump on it

this band may be a question mark to some of you folks out there

if you're a fan of anything 90's hardcore...this band is for you

if you like bands such as: converge (bassist nate newton was a member)...early dillinger escape plan (guitarist brian benoit was a member)....botch...deadguy...

you get the idea

and for those of you out there that are interested...the band will be playing BEST FRIENDS DAY 10 (august 18-21) in richmond,va (along with bands such as: corrosion of conformity...pageninetynine...the catalyst)

so get those khaki shorts out of the tupperware container and start practicing the mosh

DL: jesuit


Employee said...

so benoit is able to play Jesuit songs live, but not dillinger anymore? that's not a dig, but it's kind of interesting. his shoulder/arm/hand healed?

ipecac said...

as far as i know...he's been involved with the reunion shows

Anonymous said...

Found this video of the Jesuit reunion set. Crushing.

Anonymous said...

Jesuit KILLED it in NYC. Im stoked I got to see them again after all these years. Saw them with Botch, Kiss it they just ruled back then.

Anonymous said...

Oh Employee, Hes had surgery, rehab and a long recovery...but no hes not shredding arpegios anymore, but hes more of a guitarist than most out there for sure

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