Friday, April 22, 2011

beastie boys - check your head

released 1992

what do cheap trick...sly & the family stone...ted nugent...kool and the gang...funkadelic...led zeppelin...and bob dylan have in common?

they all make appearances on this album

you know...the weather is getting nice...and the kids are out and about on their wheelie boards...what better time to post this business

and you know you've seen the video for "so what'cha want" and found yourself thinking "if 3 white guys rap in the woods and there's no one they make a sound?"

DL: check your head


Wild Thing said...

One of my favorite BB albums!

Gray said...

This is no good Ipecac, no good at all. I have to go on record to say the Beastie Boys are terribly annoying.
The weather is getting nice though, can't argue that.

ipecac said...

oh yeah grAy?!...well what about your...

and those...

and your...

yeah...i got nothing

but i will admit that this was the last decent album they put out

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