Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unpersons - IV Self Portrait

Label: Life Is Abuse
Year: 2002

Maybe the least known of the Savannah sludge bands (not counting Tank 18 of course) who crawled out from the shadows of the original Savannah sludge band, Damad, Unpersons really should have been bigger. They took the crusty Prank Records styled hardcore and drug it through the thick, humid, Southern night air, leaving it caked in noise, grim, and drunken swirls of psychedelia.
Certainly Damad was the template (or maybe that would be neighbor to the north [barely] Initial State...but then you'd have to credit Antischism wouldn't you?), but Unpersons had a very visceral take on this strand of bludgeoning, and it didn't seem to get much notice until that split they did with Baroness did it?
Some members have gone on to be in Kylesa and Pig Heart Transplant, which shouldn't come as a surprise.



Gooboy666 said...

Hey Gray seeing as yer from the Georgia area was wondering if you have anything by the 90's band Snatch.They had a killer 45 and CD out on Worrybird.Would be right at home on this site.

Gray said...

Let me see if I can't track down something from Snatch.
They were playing in a different orbit than what I was into back when they were a band, but I remember seeing them a couple times. I don't think I ever owned their records, but I'm sure I know people who still have them.
I'll try to dig it up.

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