Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the united sons of toil - 2.25.11 - wort 89.9fm - madison,wi

this was a little something our boys from madison,wi did to promote their upcoming album (WHEN THE REVOLUTION COMES,EVERYTHING WILL BE BEAUTIFUL)

and if you live anywhere near that area...there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from attending the record release shindig at the project lodge (located at 817 e. johnson st.) on the 5th of this very month (and it all kicks off at 7:00pm)

they also did a mini set as their alter ego known as leaders of men covering some joy division (which can also be found here)

also...for our european readers...the band is taking on their first ever tour on foreign soil starting on june 15 and wrapping up on july 3 (they'll be teaming up with a band called joe 4 from croatia)

1 - the shining path
2 - the contrition of the addict
3 - overturning the rumford fair housing act
4 - the concept of the urban guerilla
6 - state-sponsored terrorism
7 - colony*
8 - a means to an end*
9 - disorder*
10 - transmission*

*=as leaders of men

DL: the united sons of toil @WORT

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