Thursday, March 31, 2011

v/a - half-cocked ost

released 1994

i remember seeing this movie back in the day...and not really thinking all that much of it

it was your typical kids steal a van full of instruments and pretend to be in a band while out on the road kinda deal

but the soundtrack kinda stuck with i hunted it down...and hunted...and hunted....

until i gave up

apparently it just wasn't cool enough to be stocked in any music store within a (insert distance here) radius of where i was living at the time

and i had eventually forgotten about it

but then i was looking through an old issue of ALTERNATIVE PRESS and it was mentioned

and then i remembered that i had been looking for it make a not so long story short...i found it

and now i'm sharing it

1 - truckstop - snoopy
2 - unwound - dragnalus
3 - slant 6 - time expired
4 - truckstop - no space
5 - rodan - tron
6 - sleepyhead - cb
7 - ruby falls - dusty
8 - freakwater - drunk friend
9 - truckstop - salmon skin
10 - versus - b-9
11 - polvo - can i ride
12 - retsin - retsin
13 - big hiefer - flowers in our hair
14 - boondoggle - invertabrate
15 - truckstop - all-nighter
16 - crain - hey cops!
17 - helium - magic box
18 - dungbeetle - the man went out
19 - truckstop - truckstop theme
20 - the grifters - the want (live)

DL: half-cocked ost


soniklife said...

An absolutely essential 90s indie rock compilation. So many great bands and so many great tracks. I remember my girlfriend and I in high school would play this compilation non stop. It never got old. In fact I think I'll go throw this on my turntable

Anonymous said...

Odd. I found a 2xLP copy of this at my local record merchant not more than 2 months ago.

Mars said...

The movie was really pretty awful. I remember wanting to kill the Tara Jane band. Anyway, it's notable for having the accidental debut of the post-Nation Of Ulysses/ Cupid Car Club mutant r&b band The Make Up (as The Guill-O-Teens)- here with indie rock journeyman / Slint guy and awesome human Dave Pajo on bass! They play a super sloppy version of Wilson Picket's 'Midnight Hour'. Loved it.

derik rose said...

this movie rules what are you guys talkin about

or maybe that's just my intense 90s nostalgia talking

i loved tara, was crushin on her the whole time. the band started out p bad, but they were awesome in the show with the grifters ! i wish the cop hadn't arrested her lol. but of course that was badass.

thx for the soundtrack shiny

Jessica said...

wow. these bands take me back. especially the polvo. thank you for posting this.

bubu said...

Hi, could you please please PLEASE put up a new link that works? Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

moony said...

please, someone, a link hat works???

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