Sunday, February 20, 2011

Subarachnoid Space - Almost Invisible

Label: 1997
Year: Release

It's Sunday here where I live, and since I have little-to-no understanding of the time/space continuum, I won't pretend to know what day it is where you live. But, on Sundays, here in my household we clean up, and for me that means sweeping and mopping the floors, picking up after kids, dishes, laundry, you know, house shit. Usually when doing this kind of stuff the entire family is pitching in, doing whatever it is they are responsible for doing on this particular Sunday, and generally speaking there is some kind of music blasting through the house (it's not that big of a house really, so the actual volume level is not "blasting" per se) that we can all agree on, or that at least doesn't offend young children.
Today we will be doing our domestic duties to the serene space rock of Subarachnoid Space. I would highly suggest you try it sometime, maybe even the next time Sunday comes around your place of residence. I think your entire family will thank you for the peaceful drone, and you'll be surprised at just how quickly those bathroom counters are wiped and clean.

You're welcome.


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Gregor said...

Didn't check out this particular record, just wanted to tell ya that this blog makes me want to drop my pants and listen with one hand. Love it. Thanks.

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