Saturday, February 26, 2011

Division Of Laura Lee - Violence Is Timeless

Label: I Made This
Year: 2008

I don't think anyone ever released this record in America (USA! USA!), so it remains mostly unheard by those in the New World. Don't know if that's some sort of Scandinavian plot to foil Yankee listening patterns or what, but it's a great album and those Viking motherfuckers need to sail that bitch over on the back of Leif Ericson's ghost (onward to Valhalla!)
Division Of Laura Lee have a goofy name. It's true, and it made me not want to like them for a long time. Back when, they were sort of a Refused-ish post-hardcore band that were putting out splits with Impel or Milemarker who weren't that far off from Frodus or something. That's about the time I saw them, they were on tour with International Noise Conspiracy and it was one of those "oh, I get it" kind of shows. They were morphing out of post hardcore and following suit with their Scandinavian retro-rocking bros like International Noise Conspiracy, The Hives, even some Hellacopters, and injecting some straight garage rock into their mosh parts. It had a swagger and pompousness that I liked.
Fast forward to now, and I had no idea they were still a band as of 2008, but then here comes this record, and it continues their trajectory, now incorporating a little post-punk of The Fall (by way of Ikara Colt) into their post hardcore Rocket From The Crypt rave ups.
I do believe you will enjoy this, and find that you can even listen to it in mixed company (mixed gender, not races...silly).



boyal said...

ah yes but black city was even better

robert said...

Great album, and I miss me some Ikara Colt...

toposheet said...

bLack city was great. Thanks for this, i am looking forward to it.

Justin said...

Yes! I love these guys. Black City was one of my favorite albums when it came out and I was bummed when I missed them with Rye Coalition in Philly. Excited to listen to this, hope it gets a release in the states and I hope they come back to tour.

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