Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Native Nod - Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World

Label: Gern Blandsten
Year: 1995

The song "Back To Mimsey" was a high-water mark for 90's emo as far as I was concerned. It was almost more of a math rock kinda jam than the typical emo being peddled by whatever patch-covered whatever band was headlining the "Castrate Rapists Fest IV" in some suburban West Virginia VFW Hall. Native Nod seems like they had better record collections than, say, Plunger.
One member went on to play with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, while one of the other members, an actual Leo, went on to The Van Pelt, and The Lapse. Good for them.
This record collects the three 7"s the band released during their short run. I recommend it not only as a relic of the 90's, but as...what's the word for something that's not a relic?



Anonymous said...

actual Leo should work with an actual pharmacist, right?

The Sound Of Indie said...

I remember listening to "Back To Mimsey" over and over on the God's Chosen People comp. A classic.

Anonymous said...

vocals are frequently irritating (gahhhhhhh) but there is some good stuff here. thanks.

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