Thursday, January 27, 2011

faith no more for beginners

well...seeing as how it's mike patton's 43rd birthday today...what better reason to resurrect the FOR BEGINNERS series with some faith no more

what can be said about the faith no more that hasn't already been said?

well...for one...they're liars ( of them isn't...and that someone would be guitarist jim martin...he was fired via fax back in 1993 and has since taken to growing pumpkins...he even grew one that got to be 1,087lbs)

"oh...we're never getting back together...blah blah blah"

they're troublemakers

they got me yelled at during the one and only school function i'd ever was back in grade school...i don't really remember what the occasion was...but there i was...just standing in the corner...minding my own business...and the next thing i know..."falling to pieces" comes out of the don't know about you...but there's just something about that songs that makes a person want to jump i started doing so...there i was...jumping...people looking at me all like "yeah...ok...freak"....when from out of nowhere (see what i did there?) someone started screaming at i turn around and there stood the dj (aka "the special ed teacher")...all fat and red faced on the edge of the stage...telling me to settle down or i'd have to leave

so that's just what i did

good times

but i'm willing to look past all of that

they gave us the ANGEL DUST album

so with that...i give you...

1 - edge of the world
2 - chinese arithmetic
3 - rv
4 - let's lynch the landlord*
5 - the perfect crime
6 - the gentle art of making enemies
7 - as the worm turns (live)
8 - last cup of sorrow
9 - surprise! you're dead!
10 - jizzlobber

*=the dead kennedys cover

DL: faith no more for beginners


Pete said...

Nice anecdote there...keep jumping!

Anonymous said...

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Gray said...

I will not now, nor have I ever seen the appeal of this band. I tried to like Angel Dust, even worked security for Faith No More (and Helmet...guess who was better) at a show in Athens, Georgia. I can appreciate some of the things they do, but on the whole, I just don't get it.

ipecac said...


"jizzlobber" is an awesome song and you know it

Nazi Meth Lab said...

Eye like the albums without Patton. We Care Alot and Introduce Yourself.

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