Friday, January 14, 2011

claw hammer - q: are we not men? a: we are not devo!

released 1991

you see...there was once a band called claw hammer

and not only did they like captain beefheart (they took their name from the song "orange claw hammer")...they also liked devo

one day...they felt that just because the band pussy galore covered the rolling stones album EXILE ON MAIN STREET...they should cover the devo album Q: ARE WE NOT MEN? A: WE ARE DEVO! (but they took it up a notch and said that they were not devo)

so that's exactly what you get here

them not being devo...but covering an entire devo album

DL: q:are we not men? a:we are not devo!


Anonymous said...

This may be the greatest thing you have ever posted on the blog. Thank you for unearthing this treasure!

Mars said...

This is one of the 400 lps I lost when I moved to Atlanta. I remember reading a review of this by - Mark Mothersbaugh! He said that he was basically too old to really dig it. Man, I'm glad he got over that bullshit.

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