Saturday, January 1, 2011

black fag

released 2010

what better way to start out the shiny grey new year than with this

"and what is this exactly? those two words put together make me feel nervous"

this is what would've happened if instead of going with hank rollins as vocalist...the band turned their sights on the b-52's vocalist fred schneider

and's a fabulous as it sounds

so take my hand...and let me introduce you to my friend,black fag

DL: black fag


Roger Camden said...

this record has legs

and it knows how it use 'em

Anonymous said...

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for this one!!!
I agree with your comment about the voice. Fred Schneider... possessed by mister Biafra :)))
Your blog is awesome btw.
Cheers from France.

Morrissey picture disc said...

Do you have any Gay Black Republicans, they are surf punk from the midwest.

Madame B said...


Ryan Avellanosa said... this sick or not..;-)

JB said...

Stop the friggin' presses... one member of this band is Beck's mom. No joke.

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