Friday, December 3, 2010

stats - crowned

release 2010

this was sent my way by the band's label (THE PATH LESS TRAVELED RECORDS...yeah...that's right...i'm giving a shout out to the label...they're fellow illinois-ists)

before i had played the album...i went and scouted out some info on the band

and the words that stuck out to me were "instrumental metal"

and i know what you're thinking..."instrumental metal? yawn"

but i assure you,folks...such is not the case here

after giving this a listen...the only shitty thing that got stuck in my craw was the fact that the album is too 3's more of a teaser than anything...and i kept having to hit the "repeat button" (and now i suffer from video game thumb...except for my pointer finger...and people are beginning to think i have an attitude problem because i'm always pointing)

but you don't come here to hear about my body problems

so...if you enjoy the more brutal moments of neurosis (and no...this isn't one of those droney neurisis bands)...some keelhaul...some craw...some mahavishnu orchestra...some melvins...some dysrhythmia...some don caballero...some floor...

well...hopefully you get the idea

so go on ahead and snag this up

and be sure to do plenty of finger exercises

DL: crowned


Spanky the Klown said...

I loves me some instru metal.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better name for an instrumental metal band than "Stats." Can't wait to hear it - this is my weak spot.

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