Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gories - Sub Pop Singles Club 7"

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1991

The October 1991 edition of the Sub Pop Singles Club, and one that isn't usually in my wheelhouse, but chalk it up to having a Bo Diddley fan for a father and a weak spot for trashy blues jams. Only two songs here, one a Spinal Tap cover, the other a Bo Diddley cover, both shrouded in feedback and primitive rock fury, so well worth the short ride.
Again, the garage rock genre is certainly not my forte, but in the big picture, this record runs circles around bands like The Black Lips, so if you're into that band, try this one instead, I think you'll appreciate it.



pinto said...

"You Don't Love Me" is the best song they ever recorded.

Roger Camden said...

love this band
also, The Dirtbombs

Anonymous said...

you do seem to hate the Black Lips.

Hunches - recomendados

kittyempire said...

Love Mick Collins - Gories, Dirtbombs, Blacktop - all good! Don't have this one either, cheers. Yeah Black Lips, I dunno... they have the sound right they just struggle to write really good songs. Don't mind 'em though.

I'll second Johnny-no-name up there re. The Hunches. Fucking great band.

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