Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brainbombs - Obey

Label: The Releasing Eskimo
Year: 1996

Man, where are all the good Swedish lo-fi, pro-murder, anti-love, scatological, sadist, misogynistic bands these days? You know, the ones who knock their instruments out of tune and then lock into a disturbing riff until it becomes a yawning blur of hate? Know what I mean?
Not a lot of those bands out there, and I don't feel like you're going to run across many Craigslist ads stating:"band looking for singer, songs limited to one chord freak outs, Brighter Death Now are fags, back issues of Pure magazine a plus, must like cats".
Until then, there is Brainbombs.



Roger Camden said...

such a good band
found the first singles collection (anne frank, etc.) in a record store about a week back
almost shit a brick

such a good band

Anonymous said...

I love this record and now on that i can take it on tour with me even better. I've always wanted it on vinyl....What great taste you have.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man, this is great. Didn't know shit about this band. Thank you.

skid marx said...

Anon @ 0347hrs lighten up Maxipad.

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