Monday, November 8, 2010

Truman's Water - The Peel Sessions

Label: Strange Fruit
Year: 1995

Culled from three appearances on the Peel Sessions show, two in 1993 and on one in 1994, this collection spans the ramshackle, daring intensity this band could muster. The songs are seldom linear, and often caroming all over the place. It epitomizes what "indie rock" meant in the mid 90's; one part punk, one part art rock, one part noise, and one part freak folk.
Bands seldom make a racket like this kind anymore, unless they are trying to "confront" the listener in some way, shape, or form. You'd be hard pressed to find a band that meshes catchy rock songs with jarring noise, or atonal segues, these days. That being said, you would have been hard pressed to find them in 1993 unless you were actively searching, Truman's Water wasn't exactly burning up the Billboard Charts, or playing your local sports arena, so maybe these types of bands are still mining the disparate ends of the musical spectrum to create something wholly listenable and downright interesting. Maybe I'm not searching actively enough.
Are there bands like Truman's Water slogging it out still? Who are they?



Anonymous said...

Trumans are still in existence (albeit split by the Atlantic Ocean) and released a new album last month.

nicky papers said...

such a great band, awesome post.

nicky papers said...
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Manel said...

in my opinion the best band that ever existed in the 90s. I had "Godspeed the punchline" and never gave it too much attention until they played in my town very recently. They completely fucking rocked the house (attendance: 31 people) and have been listening to their discography since then, record after record of amazing rocking madness. They make Polvo sound like Elvis

btw, it´s Trumans Water, not Truman´s water
more stuff by this wonderful band would be appreciated!

cheers from Barcelona

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