Friday, November 26, 2010

dinosaur jr. - spring 2009 tour 7"

released 2009

this was a little something that you were able to get once you purchased tickets to see them guessed it...their spring 2009 tour

and is it just me...or is j mascis getting closer and closer to sounding like eddie vedder?

DL: spring '09 tour 7"


Ezra said...

Thanks for posting this, but please don't ruin Dinosaur for me by comparing them to E-Ved.

That's something I never want to think about.
Of course, now I probably will.

Ryan Avellanosa said...

ed vedder...not quite..

6_6_6 said...

I have one of these also from going to a concert. they are literally impossible to find online. What do you think the value is? or how i could find out?

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